Author Topic: Well my first time out went.....haywire.....they found my deer today  (Read 5351 times)

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 :o :o  The guys found my deer today... >:( >:( >:(...It wasnt a 6 pt but a 5 pt.. ;D ;D ;D...getting me the skull and antlers and giving them to me next weekend so I got a trophy. ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D....but meat all gone from the coyotes and such.. >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(......DANG DANG DANG..................... :o :o :o :o :o but at least I get the antlers and do I treat the stuff so I can hang it?????? any ideas????do I have to report this????even though i didnt get the meat?????

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Your non-imaginary cohort can help with antlers and such. 

I believe you would have to tag it, but then report to your local ECO that it cannot be consumed and get a replacement or something like that.  Just call them and ask - their numbers are all in the back of the regs guide.
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Thats great loonyone. Make sure to post some pics. Are you planning to do a Euro mount or a skull cap on a nice plaque? Not sure what the law is as far as tagging and such in NY.
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Put your tag on it and get a picture of it you and your gun..  Our team needs the points..... ;D ;D ;D

But first call the closest office and ask them what to do....  You can get a Meat Unfit For Consumption permit to continue hunting....   DEC numbers are on page 8 in the book..

As far as cleaning the skull... ::) ::)
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Congrats on being able to at least have the horns & skull Lonnyone, too bad about the meat part of it though. I would have a Euro mount done of it !!!

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Glad they found it for you. To bad about the meat, but let us know how the unfit for consumption thing goes.


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I would personally fill the tag since you killed a buck. I beleive "unfit for consumption" is meant for diseased deer etc, not ones that weren't recovered. I'm sure you could get one though.


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