Author Topic: Hunting in East Mississippi  (Read 4986 times)

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Hunting in East Mississippi
« on: Dec 20, 04, 08:35:43 AM »
I've spent most of my time hunting in East Alabama and some time hunting in Maryland.  The culture in the South is much more hunter-friendly, but I believe the greatest opportunities are in areas like Maryland where the deer are just as plentiful, but not as well-educated.  I believe the opportunities on good public land in MD are just as good or better than opportunities here in MS on private land.  I've never seen such blatant disregard for game laws!  Just about everybody here feeds deer (and it is illegal).  I believe this results in large-scale changes in deer behavior, because now everything they do revovles around bait and avoiding the hunters that put out the bait.  For example, your average hunter here doesn't pay attention to scent control, and drives a vehicle (4wd truck or 4wd ATV).  Therefore, the deer have to assume a more noctornal approach or risk being killed.  And because "everyone else baits," other hunters feel they have bait in order to keep the deer on their land.  Personally, I'd rather fight the antis and idiots you encounter on public land than deal with a bunch of slob-hunting, outlaw rednecks.  The former are easier to avoid...

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Re: Hunting in East Mississippi
« Reply #1 on: Oct 19, 08, 12:12:49 AM »
I am in south Alabama and it is about the same here;  hunting clubs and most of them use corn.  I was born and raised in Michigan and deer hunting down here is definetly different.  the deer are more nocturnal because of the warm weather I believe.  I mostly bow hunt on public land; mostly does and very few big bucks unless you go to center of state.
also, a lot of hunters don't want to shoot does;  I guess they don't know that it is necessary to keep the herd balanced.

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