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No other Ohio Hunters out there???


     Gun season is almost 1/2 over and no reports???  Where's everyone at???

I'll start this one off.  I live in pa about 3 miles from the state line.  I screwed up this year and didn't get a nonresident liscense.  My buddy got a doe early last week and he pushed for my other buddy and kicked out a small 5pt.  They got nothing during the archery season.  Next fall I'm definatly gettin an ohio liscense BEFORE i get my pa liscense.  For me, the pa gun season ends this saturday and i have hunted (except wednesday) all week and saw 6 doe the first day and nothing else.  Went out today and talked to a guy and he said he went out all of last week and he saw his first deer of the season this morning.  We got a bad program goin on over here, my advice to you is say in ohio.  If i hear anything else i'll let you know.  Good luck to ya.


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