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Upgrade to a New Leuphold Scope
« on: Aug 20, 2023, 03:37:08 PM »
Due to a bad move on my part last November (2022) during Maine's rifle season, I accidentally moved my elbow while sitting against a tree on the ground and bumped my Winchester Model 70 with Leuphold VX3 1.75-6 that was leaned against that same tree and it fell backwards right on top of the bell housing of the scope onto a large rock at ground level.  It put a significant bend/dent on the upper lip of the bell housing and I was pretty heartbroken over that.  I purchased that scope in 1999 and have taken many nice bucks and does with that scope but the the best buck was taken with that new scope the year I bought it and dressed 205 lbs and just made Maine's Biggest Buck Club for which I received a patch.  This was my first Leuphold scope and at the time I think I paid close to $400.00 for it but the scope was on the high end of quality and never regretted it as you get what you pay for.  For you fans out there of Leuphold Scopes this will probably not surprise you, even with that big obvious dent in the bell housing that scope still holds zero dead on and you can see through it at all power levels with no obstruction from that big dent in the bell so it is very much functional but just looks very damaged.  Well anyway it was time to upgrade on the scope to something more friendly to these older aged eyes as I am turning 68 years old this year so really was looking for something with best glass and Illumination that would help me see better with the aid of the scope's performance in clarity and brightness.  Believe me I did all the research, Trigicon, Vortex, Primary Arms, Leuphold and many, many more looking for best price point for quality/value.  Then I had to decide between first focal plane and second focal plane reticles offered by all companies at different price points.  The current market place for rifle scopes is as complicated and confusing as I have ever seen it
almost to the point of being rediculous.  In the end I stuck with Leuphold as I am brand loyal with this company and their products are made in the USA for the most part in Bend, Oregon I believe.  I pulled the trigger on a Leuphold VX 6HD 2-12 x 42mm with fire dot duplex reticle.  Price is insanely high compared to back in 1999, but hey if you want to play with the best it's gonna cost you.  So anyway bought this scope through Optics Planet along with a set of Leuphold rings that will fit my two peice Leuphold bases and paid $1598.00 and change after tax.  Leuphold 6HD scopes do come with the ALumina Leuphold front objective  and rear eye piece flip caps which are very good quality and work very well if you buy any other Leuphold scope other that 6HD these cost an addtional $175.00 - $180.00.  I don't know about you but hunting in the rain with a scoped rifle especially in cold weather without decent scope covers is a nightmare, you just can't keep the rain water and condensation off the scope lenses.  Will see if these Aluminum Leuphold scope covers with magnets perform up to expectation.   Tried to find another military discount through Optics Planet or Leuphold directly but apparently none is available, in the mean time Optics Planet sent me an e-mail offering 10% discount off my "Next Order", I will call and see if they will credit it towards this first "Very Expensive Order!" 


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