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Sour Grapes / Great response
« on: Nov 30, 17, 07:12:23 PM »
My oldest son and his cousin are both in their late 20's and a bit competitive in a friendly way. This season my son bagged a very respectable 8 pointer about 170 lbs, not Boone and Crockett but good mass and very symmetrical. He decided he was going to have this one mounted. When he picked up his meat and head, he called his cousin asking if he wanted some steaks ( Cousin has never shot a deer) and told him of his plan to get the head mounted. Cousin asked " You going to get all 8 pointers mounted? Not a lot of weight there  "

My sons response " What are you getting mounted???? Your license? "

I chuckled   
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Re: Sour Grapes / Great response
« Reply #1 on: Dec 01, 17, 02:42:30 PM »
Haha great come back. Your son outta get him a picture frame for Christmas for that license
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