Author Topic: 3 bulls sparring!  (Read 1835 times)

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3 bulls sparring!
« on: Oct 16, 15, 09:57:16 AM »
went grouse hunting in the allagash . came across 3 moose we thought were feeding as we couldn't see the heads. once we got out of the truck and stood up we saw it was 3 bulls sparring with each other! the biggest was about mid 40in. the other 2 in low 40's. I've seen 2 go at it but never 3! i did a bull call and the bigger bull looked up then walked off a ways and started to call back. the 2 others just kept sparring. we tried to get close enough to get a pic but they must have winded us and took off. this was around noon and not a moose hunter to be had! good for the moose as they would have provided a easy kill. was all happening in a hardwood background similar to this sites screensaver. priceless! i love the gash'!


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