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My Daughter's First Deer (Antler Pics added)

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My oldest daughter decided this year that she wanted to hunt. Earlier this fall she signed herself up for a hunter's safety course and one night a week for five weeks made all the classes. Then she insisted that she wouldn't borrow a gun from anyone, she went out and bought one. Well, she shot her first buck (or deer for that matter) Saturday morning, NY southern zone opener. We were both in separate blinds at opposite ends of the farm. At 9:10 she text messaged me a single word, "doe."  I replied to just sit tight and keep watching. At 9:27 I heard a shot in her direction and before I got my cell phone out to ask if it was her, I got 3 text messages saying, "I got him!"... " He's down in front of me.".... " Now what do I do?" Well, I made record time getting to her. 25 yards in front of her blind was her 9 point 169 lb. buck. One shot from her new break-down .223 NE Arms HANDI model through both lungs brought it down where she shot. I'm pretty proud...

Wow, what a remarkable girl and an nice trophy for her first deer!

Congratulations to her Bill...   Thats awesome......

Great job and animal, congrats!  :) Love the traditional attire as well! 8)

Awesome! Congratulations to her and a very proud Dad!  

Deer has a little character too!


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