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Re: Zone 3 Moose Permit
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A lot of farm land with moose in that area. Not the prime week to hunt but you got what you got. If I had to guess you'll probably be staying near the Golf Course. Get an atlas/gazetteer. Terre Des Soeurs and any roads not posted off of it are good for moose. Mostly farm land at the beginning then wooded a few miles in. Don't waste your time in the Baie Creuse, some maps show the road coming out onto the lake road but it is a dead end with many year round homes now. Headed toward Grand Isle there are a lot of farm roads with plenty of forest to hold moose. Doucette Rd and Grivois Rd are well known spots with several side (farm) roads off of them. My motto is if it ain't posted it is legal to hunt. Bouchard tree farm is a great place also. For that week I'd poke around the farm land EARLY in the AM and as the day goes on I'd probably head out into the bigger woods (Sullivan Rd.). Then get back onto the farm land before dark. Violette Pond and the surrounding area is another known spot for moose. Good Luck!

We are near the golf course. Thanks Alex for the awesome intel. Certainly helps with the preliminary google earth etc. We cant wait to get our feet on the ground but understand itís early yet. Pretty exciting times for my wife and I. Purchased our first home in early July and now I am traveling for work in San Diego but once this all calms down in a couple of weeks we are going to be in full moose mode! Thanks again. Much appreciated.


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