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Title: In line Muzzeloader Scope
Post by: Aziscohosbuck on Jan 13, 2020, 12:47:52 PM
So just wanted to get some opinions on in line muzzle loader rifle specific scopes and what your experience with them in the field has been.  I purchased a CVA Accura Mountain Rifle muzzle loader in 50 calibre with a Nikon Prostaff 200 BDC reticle shotgun scope back in 2014 with an in store purchase from Cablela's in Scarborough, ME.  This was the recommended scope for heavy recoil of a muzzle loader at a decent price point by the sales rep in the gun department at the time.  What I have come to realize after looking into Nikon's Spot on Bullet drop compensation calculator is that the scope has to be turned up to it's highest power to produce the intended results.  This scope is a variable power scope from 2-7 power, which is why I purchased it as this scope's power range is ideal for hunting the Maine Woods in my opinion,  in my experience over 39 years of deer hunting with a center fire rifle, most if not all deer were shot well under 100 yards and particularly with a muzzle loader rifle I don't think I would ever attempt a shot longer than 100 yards.  My frustration with this scope is that it must be turned up to it's highest power to repeat in the field what was accomplished on the range to zero the scope on the muzzle loader and get three shot groups  within 1" at both 25 yards and 75 yards.  I thought I was good to go, thinking that this is the same as my centerfire 30/06 Winchester model 70 with Leuphold VX III.  What a mistake, not the case at all while shooting my muzzle loader, with my Winchester Model 70 and Leuphold VXIII 1.75-6 variable power scope, it does not matter what power selection you are on with your scope, if you are slightly high (1.5") while sighting in the rifle at 25 yards then you are dead on zero at 100 yards at it's lowest power setting of 1.75 which I prefer while hunting (quick sight acquisition of the target under 50 yards).  With the muzzle loader and the Nikon prostaff BDC 200 reticle shotgun scope you are forced to crank the scope all the way up to 7 power while hunting in the field to repeat the ballistic accuracy achieved on the range, other wise you are anywhere from 3" to 8" high at the lower scope power settings at 50 yards!  I don't know about you guys but hunting with my muzzle loader cranked up to 7 power while hunting in close quarters expecting a deer under 50 yards is just not a good option.  I suppose I can go back to the range and replicate something on a specific low power range say 3 power and re-sight the muzzle loader to that specific power but this is not something that I am used to having to do.  Does any one have any suggestions to a simple way to reduce these wide variations of bullet zero with a scope mounted muzzle loader rifle at various scope power settings?
Title: Re: In line Muzzeloader Scope
Post by: aquaassassin on Jan 13, 2020, 04:07:44 PM
Thatís strange, I have a slughunter and if you aight it in to zero at 50 in 9 power you can do whatever you want with the different powers out in the field with no change of impact besides what circle you purposely aimed with this is the scope just over a month ago

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