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Wyoming moose

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Wyoming Larry:
Wyoming or Shiras moose are not as large as the other moose in North America.  But they are still very big animals.  I shot this 43" bull late in October of this year.  I was hunting the Big Horn Mountains near Burgess Junction.  It is area 1 and a very hard tag to draw.  But I got lucky.  I shot it with a Ruger M77 in .270 caliber, 150 grain Remington Corelokt.  Those quarters hanging to the left are from a large bull elk my neighbor shot earlier in the month.

Nothing wrong with that moose! Congrats

Sweet! I use an old whipple tree to hang my game, too.

Congratulations Larry....   I don't care which is bigger there all huge to me....   That  thing is sweet....

Green Mountian Hunter:
Congrads to you Larry ; sure looks nice sized to me


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