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Snapping turtle

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How do i hunt/trap this masive beasts? any help would be awesome thanks guys.. moose!

this is how u do it.  u take a 50 lb test baided lline with a big hook and a chunk of meat put meat on hook and have about 200 ft of line bring it out and drop it somewhere in pond where u think turtle is gonna be, leave it for a couple of days and u should have a turtle.  when u go to check it bring a pistol cuz ya gonna want to shoot it in the head.  then do whatever u want with him.  fishinboots ;Dhave fun!!

i tried  snapping turtle once i spit it out   :P


--- Quote from: vivlamored on Nov 18, 2007, 05:56:37 PM ---i tried  snapping turtle once i spit it out   :P

--- End quote ---

What? Dont grill it! Fry it in small peices. MMM Good!

Cook it in a crock pot it is awesome ;D ;D


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