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does anyone bear hunt the non-quota zones

 Nope, But I hunt right on the edge of it. I have shot 6 bear and my wife has got one...

wow, glad to hear from you, since I don't live near there and its a good drive to get there I don't know how things are going, if you could fill me in on how its going over there, I would appreciate it.  We went over for a week and a half for the opening day and so on, and hits were slow, we thought maybe it was acorns, but I was just up there a little bit ago and it didn't seem to change much, and I would really like to get a bear, are they still hitting the baits slow?  I hunt over by the wisconsin border east of hinkley.  I saw a few people dragging out bears.  I sat one stand for 3 days, and on the fourth day I decided to move to a bait that got hit, and when I moved, they didn't hit the bait I moved to and they hit the one I had just been sitting.  I was really bummed, all that sitting for one night and I wasn't there.  All the major seasons are starting here and I don't know if I will get up there more than one more time.  I have to make this last trip count and get a bear, any info or tips would help, thanks.


We have a cabin up north, and yes it is tuff at times to get a bear. I hunted three years before I even saw a bear. I was too lazy to climb my deer stand and I was Half a sleep on the ground when I heard some thing coming into the bait station fast. Yep a bear.. It scared the crap out of me, and I didn't even Ame at it. But I did shoot at it and missed bye a mile....I found that the trail timers on the baits help, to no when the bears are hitting. But they can  get set off  bye raccoons  or pine martens at night..I even shot at two bears one season and missed them at about 20 yards with a rifle... I haven't went bear hunting in about 4 years now. I have been letting my little brother have the woods so he can try to get him self a bear....I have had bear come in to the bait station slow and quite or even run in fast as they can. It is a great hunt to get your self a bear..Good luck..


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