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2008 Minn. Spring Turkey Hunt


Any one else getting out this Spring & going after a Tom?

 I was drawn again & got my "E" time slot(341), in May...
I usuaally have hunted the "G" & "H"Spring & Fall seasons in Minn. Both zones (341) & (339). Trying an earlier season this year.

The Toms are pretty tough to get in the later seasons after being pushed around.... So I have learned alot over the last 11 years, hunting that late. Now, I get to try at a mid season Tom.. :)

I'm always open to tips, If ya want to share. & maybe I can help in return!

One week away & I'm ready... :D

Can't wait to be honest about it.;)

Scouting has led me to believe it should be a good year. Unless the spots I plan to hunt have already been hunted more than I've seen. Well, I've hunted them after pressure before anyway.SO that isn't going to worry me much...

No one else here in Minnesota hunts turkeys?


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