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HIya! 2008!


 As a new member to, I just wanted to stop in this MN forum & say "Hya!" to any who come here.

I hope to see more posts in the MHF Minn. Forum. Since it seems as though it has been a long time since anyone posted here.

Anyone else have something to say about Hunting in Minn.?
Or anything else for that matter... ;)

If nothing else, here'sa good place to introduce yourself!

Welcome to the site. Like here in Maine there prolly on

Welcome to the best hunting site. We may not have as much activity as IS or MFF but we still have fun. ;D

Thanks for the welcome! :D

I am still fishing mostly , but will be hunting mushrooms soon, along with my scouting for toms. I was drawn for the  "E" time slot in May, for Spring Turkey this year. Looking forward to it !
Glad to see that others come in & say HI!


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