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2016 Turkey Season

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Well the season as started of pretty well for me and my buddy gone out 5 times and have killed 4 birds. 

Opening morning in Va with some snow flurries we doubled up at 730 that morning.  Mine with a bow and he shot the second one with his gun. 

The next weekend headed back down to Va to try to get our friend Bob his first bird.  The birds were pretty quiet that weekend once they hit the ground.  Sunday we set the blind up where er saw some birds the day before in and field and had two toms come in with a hen.  Tried to double up but Bob missed his bird. 

Yesterday I hunted Md for the first time been doing some scouting before work but the birds have been very quiet lately.  I set the blind up that morning on the little hardwood knoll and was just going to sit there all day as the birds weren't gobbling after fly down.  I know they tend to come here often.  At about 10 I heard something walking to my left and as soon as I looked I had a Tom walking in to the decoys.  He gave me a nice 15 yard shot and he dropped right there.  These rocket hammer heads I'm using this year for turkey have worked phenomenal. 



Green Mountian Hunter:

               Beautiful looking birds Cody ....

Awesome!! Great photos  :D

Wow great job!


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