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Alex D. Large:
Been seeing several spikes and a lot of 2.5 year old and only a handful of mature 800+ lb bulls while scouting. Took this one at first light. Dropped in the road/ditch, just the way I like it. ;D

Green Mountian Hunter:
Awesome job and congratulations , I'll be up to pick up my back strap hehehe   ;D ;D

Nice Bull. Congrats! The easier the drag the better

got a 541lb. 4pt. fri. night.  shot one mon . night about 800lbs. searched half a day. never found it till 'thurs. when the ravens came around. sucks about the waste but at least the good Lord allowed me another chance. sorry no good w/ posting pics. congrats on yours jay! going to be good eats on the ice this winter!

Lots of tasty vittles in the freezer for you guys.  Big congrats!


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