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Finally!!now im getting pumped

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Saw my first strutter today and heard my first gobble of the season while we were out tending to our ground blinds that really got the blood flowing.19 days and a wake up and ill be in my spot praying for one to walk into range.anyone else getting the itch bad??

Go get them Dan..    Good luck......

HECK YEA im looking forward to it. iv been playing with my mouth call for about a month now and i think its starting to annoy my wife, she threated to punch me the other day if i didn't shut up. so long story short i think being inside all winter has gotten to my head a little bit.

ship of fools:
I have an itch ....  but for monster striped bass  8)

Turkeys come 2nd   ::)

No itch here.  8)


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