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New Hampshire Whitetail Deer
« on: Jul 26, 2013, 09:00:30 AM »
Hunters and nature-lovers all enjoy Whitetail deer, Turkey, Rabbits and Partridge and constantly strive to bring them closer to view. Planting a deer or Wildlife Habitat can do just that. Whitetail deer are herbivores and feed on many types of vegetation, which you can plant in plots around your property. If you have enough room for one, a habitat with food plots can provide the wildlife the nutrition they need all year long, and enough food to survive even the harshest weather.

There a 5 major parts of a Wildlife Habitat

A Sanctuary where animals will be safe from humans and other predators. Also see bedding.
Food plots, many small plots are better than a few large plots.
Travel lanes-See Travel paths.
Water-Either natural or man made ponds along intermitting streams works great!
Natural foods-Acorns are the best. Do not clear out large oaks for a food plot!! Work around these mass food producers!


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