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MHF Whitetail Team Challenge / Re: Team Bag and Drag (Team 1)
« Last post by Otto on Today at 08:02:21 PM »
Nice story and deer 3Pís!  Congrats!
MHF Whitetail Team Challenge / Re: Team Bag and Drag (Team 1)
« Last post by Deposit on Today at 06:46:11 PM »
Photobucket does not work any more, at the bottom when writing a post is an add image to post. i have  also used as well
MHF Whitetail Team Challenge / Re: Team Bag and Drag (Team 1)
« Last post by maineduckhunter on Today at 06:41:39 PM »
Main you can still post a picture in this thread. The n when  positing for the competition they are referring to the picture on each team thread.
Well now I can't seem to copy and paste the links from Photobucket. Is there another page I can use to post pictures?

  I agree, the no pics sucks. >:(
Hunting Maine / Re: deer on the run
« Last post by buckblaster on Today at 02:08:52 PM »
Ive had a lot of luck in the past using tinks on scent drags. Scents are the only gimmick Ive ever had some success with. Drippers work but Ive only had does come into during the day time. All the pictures of bucks were at night
team bag and drag hunter 3Ps Maine 3point
MHF Whitetail Team Challenge / Re: Team Bag and Drag (Team 1)
« Last post by The 3Ps on Today at 11:16:33 AM »
Opening day firearm season 2017 was eventful indeed.
It's quite a hike up, and I mean up to my stand, so sweating is going to happen. I will usually only wear the bare minimum  and pack in the rest. Getting into my stand just before first light and getting dressed for a day long sit.
 I layer up because even with themps in the 50s you loose body temp just sitting there. But I have my lunch and at times a thermos of coffee.
Just before climbing a Barred Owl sounded off and will say, can catch you off guard a bit when they hoot in under 50 yards from you. He must have watched me walk into my tree and getting dressed and wanted me to know that he had done just that.
Once settled into my stand, I could hear the squabbling of some roosted Turkeys that was also close. I knew once they were down it would be noisy from them scratching at the forest floor. As I waited for that to happen, about 7:00am, I heard a loud snap behind me. As I twisted in my stand, I could see a good buck walking a plateau of the hill. He was a heavy deer and guessing about 170lbs or over. Large main beams but not a lot tagging off them that I could see. Either way I picked my spot and when he stepped in, I squeezed. He stood there as I pulled the trigger again, but this time not even a cluck. As I fumble to chamber another round, he spotted my movements and turns and walks away. No running, just walked as If the noise and what he saw was just a figment of his imagination . I myself was thinking him not falling flat was now a figment of my imagination?? How did I miss?? Why did my gun not chamber another round on its own? It is a semi auto. I find the spring in my clip has broken and has no more up pressure on my remaining ammo. I'm mad..fumeing as I sit in the tree and replay the scenario over and over in my head. I swap out clips  as I always carry two, and just wallow in disbelief.
By now the Turkeys are off the roost. As the noise from my echoing shot, brought them out of the trees. Just as figured it's noisy with the sound of 12 or so Turkeys digging in hardwood leaves. They work by me and up the hill in front of me to where I finally could not hear them.
I guess it was about 10 or 10:30 I got down from my tree to see what happened  and if I actually missed. No blood, No fur! Nothing but a 180 grain size hole in a sapling and nearest I can figure. I was over the top of him. So its back into my stand pouting and re-lieving my miss over and over.
At 1:00 those damn Turkeys came back down the hill and burrowed into some green underbrush warmed from the sun and took a nap up where I had missed that deer. Almost like they knew and were taunting me by having me look up that way.  30 minutes later, they once again scratched there way up that hill to where I could no longer hear them.
At 2:00 This youngster 3pt comes down from the same direction as the buck earlier. I make up my mind to take him as redemption for my earlier mess up. I also am uncertain if I'll get any vacation time this season due to being real busy at work. I if was certain to get the time would wait but want the meat for certain.
Just as soon as he steps out from that groupe of pines.  I pick my spot and wait for him to step in..1 minute....2 minutes. I hear snapping of limbs.. and 4 wheezez, hes only 40 yards away..just step out....5 minutes...10min..30min. I hear nothing..I start looking up in those pines with my binos??? Nothing after an Hour I'm like. He slipped out of here from 40 yards away and never gave me another view of him, let alone a shot at him.
There I sit My PB&J then spray more buck bomb.
4:30 rolls around I start thinking of getting things situated so getting out will be easy and simple. I look up the hill and 40 yards in front of me I see the white inner thigh of this deer stretching. It's that 3pt from 2:00. He had bedded down at the bottom of a short ledge just up from me. He still never knew I was there though he had been there 40 yards from me for 2 hours. Seeing he had been so relaxed, I figured he ought to relax in my freezer.
The 3Ps

Hunting Maine / Re: deer on the run
« Last post by Buckwild on Today at 10:09:36 AM »
Iím not really sure on the doe bleat. The only deer I saw this season was when I was quiet using no game calls.When I used the bleat, grunt and pack rack had no visuals on deer. Did have something come in but only heard it run off assuming it winded me when it realized I was not a deer.I shot a 4 ptr yesterday that came within 15 ft of me when I was texting a friend. I was set up between some hemlocks with Tinks wicks which drew him in.
Hunting Maine / 4 pointer
« Last post by Buckwild on Today at 10:02:11 AM »
Hi Guys, I tagged out at noon time today. I found this spot a couple of years ago. Up to this point I had been hunting in a tree stand next to a beaver pond the first 4 mornings .I saw 2 doe on oct. 30 nothing since. I got a text from Kevin at 8:30 that he shot a 9 pt. I waited 1-1/2 hrs and drove my atv over to another section of woods.He took off to weigh it (172LB) and I decided to hike up a hardwood ridge and have a sit. I got settled in and 30 mins later this guy walked in within 10 yds and stopped between me and a tree. I scooted to the right so he couldnít see and when he stepped out I had the gun on him. He starting to walk and when he turned broadside I drilled him just behind the front shoulder. Not much suffering when you double lung them. I watched him drop within 60 yds so not a long track. My buddy Sean drove up with his atv on one of many Hancock lumber tote rds. to help me out. Slam Dunk! No hunting Black powder in December for me when its freezing!🦌💰The tree pic was where the Buck stopped when we both froze at more like 15 ft from me. The pic with the blood was where he was when I double lunged him. I was where you see the hemlock trees I was sitting at when he came in.

Well that's no fun!!  :'(
you still post it on the team page... that's all trying to save space on the board by only posting it once
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