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Saddle Set Ups
« on: May 19, 2023, 05:29:47 AM »
Any of you guys hunt out of saddles? I'm considering getting a set up to make myself more mobile during bow season. I'm really terrible about moving tree stands mid season and tend to just try and ride it out. I like the idea of the saddle vs. a climber for more flexibility on tree locations/selections. Also thinking about trying to pull off a late season bow hunt in NJ this January as they have and extended archery season that runs through the end of the month so I think a saddle set up would be ideal in that type of scenario. It's a bit of an investment so I'd be curious to hear any experiences others have with set ups good, bad, or otherwise before I pull the trigger.

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Re: Saddle Set Ups
« Reply #1 on: Jun 04, 2023, 07:08:29 AM »
I run a Tethrd Phantom saddle and a predator platform. First 2 years I ran the Mantis saddle but the Phantom is more comfortable.  It took me a season to get comfortable with the small platform. I set up for the deer to hopefully be on my left side at about 10 oíclock. Then I can use the tree as cover and lean out when I want to shoot. Weak side shots are a challenge though no matter what anyone says, trust me.

2 times in the past 4 seasons I have made short 30 yard midday moves based on the morning deer movement and gotten shots after the move. I can take down and set up with little noise.

I have pulled several all day sits in a saddle and as far as being comfortable I would rather be in a hang on. Itís the flexibility of trees, the weight savings, and quietness of step up that I like though.

I ran 3 beast sticks with homemade single step aiders. Aiders can be a challenge so you need to really practice and take your time using then.

For gun season I would rather sit in a climber/hang on/ladder stand. Itís tough to explain but a gun just feels awkward to me in a saddle.


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