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Deer report
« on: Nov 29, 2017, 10:23:35 AM »
Well, as promised last year, my 16 yo Grandson and I sat in different stands this year (about 200 yards apart). He only had 1.5 days to hunt with me and for the first time in 3 years, he saw nothing. On the second morning, I had a nice 4x4 buck at 60 yards heading towards my Grandson's location. I let the buck pass hoping that my Grandson would fill his tag on this, his last opportunity to hunt this season. (due to school and work) Suddenly, the buck became aware of my location and might have scented me and high tailed it back into the woods behind me. After about 20 minutes that same buck surprised me by appearing on my other side. I had no chance for a shot as he escaped into the thick brush. Not long afterwards, I had a big coyote dead to rights at 70 yards in my crosshairs, but passed up on the shot so not to ruin the chance at a deer. Funny how that coyote reacted when it focused on the front of my rifle barrel  ;D I hunted again later the following week for 1.5 days and saw nothing. At 3pm, my friend who was hunting nearby shot (what I believe to be) that same buck I passed on. After gutting his deer, he walked over to my stand and asked me to assist him in dragging his buck back to his vehicle. He hunts about a mile from the vehicle so he was very happy to learn that I had my quad in the back of my truck.  ;) The next day I hunted again and only saw a few flags as I made my way back to the truck after a long morning sit. At least I got my hands on a buck........but it just wasn't mine  ::)  Blue Igloo
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Re: Deer report
« Reply #1 on: Nov 29, 2017, 10:35:09 PM »
Hey Blue , it was a horrible season ! I got myself a smaller four by four , but mainly a meat buck which is what i wanted .....but there was no deer for my son ...actually only saw a few bucks and always where there was no hunting allowed or private property ......a whole lot of does but not even a single spike or fork horn to be seen ! I was mentoring a friend of my sons as well and it was heart breaking to see the lack of hunt able deer....something is definitely wrong ! I still stand by shutting the whole thing down for a a few years and that means everyone regardless of origin etc . My brother hunted in one area on crown land and he saw over forty does in a day ....not a single buck ?


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