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Re: Felt like hunting in Florida!!
« Reply #15 on: Nov 16, 2022, 11:29:00 AM »
Nice job L2H! Way to make the best of the weather. Man that was quite a long heatwave we had, for November WTF. I blew all my Vaca time hunting in 60-70. So I hear ya with the Florida weather. Atleast we finally got some cold weather.
Been quite a rough season here, that's for sure. Between some long term pain issues and lack of buck activity. Got a few in the freezer but I'm just not seeing the bucks like usual, since a few missed opportunities in September. Something's off...or I'm off this year,  one or the
I know no one in my circle has taken anything bigger than a 6. Very Weird.
I don't know if this has happened to more people than ever this year either, but I've had my spots blown by other ignorant hunters more than I can ever remember. 3 of my sets that I've had for 15 years in the same location, I had guys hang stands within 40- 80 yards(one of them on my property line) And cameras 30 yards from my cameras. Then they cross in front of me, even when they see me there. I just don't get what's happening to this world. Words have been spoken in the woods, that's where I'll leave that.
Anyway, trying to make the next few weekends count,  then I'm out for back surgery.
Enjoy the rest of the season fellas. Let's see some stud pics.

Thanks sorry to hear about the back surgery hopefully doesn't keep you off the ice too long and glad you were able to fill the freezer first. good luck!! As far as other hunters go around me a lot more developments going in and the woods are getting smaller and guys think they have bigger balls now a days i guess I've had my fair share of encounters that pissed me off so bad even squirrels wouldn't come around for a few days after.


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