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Comic Relief!! 30-30

Team Grumpy Hunters (team 3) venisonman

deer pictures i think Green Mountian Hunter

Eating Football Weekend seags

Food plot advice Green Mountian Hunter

All done with core lokt bone_and_beard

Quart Tea seags

favorite deer rifle? peddler

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Eating Football Weekend
Hi all, I have the grill on.
I am waiting for a few minutes to have it warm up, and put some hickory/alder wood...
Food plot advice
I have a few small openings on my land. I plan on clearing out between two small ines and make a 20yd x 60yd opening in...
Quart Tea
Hi, I was going through some old cook books, so I found this one for cold tea.
 I am a tea junkie.
   This is ...
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Deer 1, adkRoy 0
        What an exhausting day. Went hunting all morning. Froze in the wind. saw no deer but did see 19 turkeys. Went back to the truck and took a 3 hour nap. W...
Never Know what you are going to see in the North Country
Read this online, thought it was a pretty cool story...

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Ravin Crossbows
Check out Ravin Crossbows @ ravincrossbows.com

They look hot!!!
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All done with core lokt
Been on the fence about switching loads for deer hunting, well after a dud, a shell crack open and a bullet getting...
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Welcome Gearcor to MHF
Please welcome Gearcor to MHF your source for the best boots online. 100% Waterproof...
Hunting, Fishing, & Trapping New York
Hey guys check out a book put out from one of MHF's members Issiah Toner!

Hunting, Fishing, & Trapping New York
MHF mobile from the woods
I setup a couple links on home page so you can browse the forum from any internet enabled phone right from the woods.
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